The Complete List Of Swedish ADRs

The complete list of Swedish ADRs

Sweden’s economy is quite developed and an export-focused economy supported by hydropower, timber, and iron ore. The primary sectors involve pharmaceuticals, industrial machines, motor vehicles, precision equipment, telecommunications, chemical goods, forestry, steel, home goods and appliances, and steel. Sweden is also establishing itself in mine, pulp industries, engineering, and steel which are known to be highly competitive globally as clearly observed in companies like Alfa, AGA, Ericsson, Laval, etc. Sweden is an industrial powerhouse, in spite of being just above 10 million people.

Sweden has many entrepreneurs and family-businesses with skin in the game. As a group, family businesses have performed well all over the world. Please check out our portfolio page, we have a family-business portfolio:

Known to be a very liberal and competitive market, Sweden’s major enterprises are owned privately and market-oriented with a keen welfare state. It ranks second highest in total tax revenue as a part of the country’s income, right behind Denmark.

American Depositary Receipts ( ADRs )

American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) is a bank-issued testament in the US that permits financial specialists to purchase stock in worldwide organizations. Speculators don’t need to experience the problem of exchanging unfamiliar cash or worry about trading monetary forms over the forex market.

ADRs being named in US dollars add to the accommodation of the financial specialists.

The protections are checked through the U.S. settlement system as they are estimated and exchanged dollars. Additionally, benefits are shared among speculators and global firms, ADRs are proficient methods for pulling in the American capital and financial specialists bother free.

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Below is the list of the Swedish ADRs:

Sweden – NYSE/Nasdaq

Company Ticker
1 Calliditas Therapeutics AB CALT
2 Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson ERIC

Sweden – OTC

Company Ticker
1 Addtech AB ADDHY
2 Alfa Laval ALFVY
3 Arcam ARZMY
4 Assa Abloy ASAZY
5 Atlas Copco – A Shares ATLKY
6 Atlas Copco – B Shares ATLCY
7 Axfood AXFOY
8 Axis Communications AXCTY
9 Betsson BTSNY
10 BillerudKorsnas BLRDY
11 BioGaia BIOGY
12 Boliden BDNNY
13 Boozt AB BOZTY
14 Castellum CWQXY
15 Com Hem Holding AB CMHMY
16 Cyber Security 1 AB CYBNY
17 Duni DUNIY
18 Electrolux ELUXY
19 Elekta EKTAY
20 Epiroc AB EPKKY
21 Epiroc Aktiebolag EPOKY
22 Essity ESSYY
23 Evolution Gaming EVVTY
24 Fabege FBGBY
26 H&M Hennes & Mauritz HNNMY
27 Heliospectra HLSPY
28 Hexagon HXGBY
29 Hexpol HXXPY
30 Holmen HLMNY
31 Holmen AB – B Share HLHLY
32 Husqvarna HSQVY
33 Intrum AB ITJTY
34 Kungsleden KGSDY
35 Loomis LOIMY
36 Lundin Petroleum LNDNY
37 Medicover MCVEY
38 Modern Times MDTMY
39 NetEnt NTNTY
40 NeuroVive Pharmaceutical NRVVY
41 Nobia NBIAY
42 Nordea Bank NRBAY
43 Oasmia Pharmaceutical OASMY
45 Oriflame ORFMY
46 Pricer PCRBY
47 Rottneros RTTNY
48 Saab SAABY
49 Sandvik SDVKY
51 Securitas SCTBY
52 Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken SKVKY
53 Skanska SKBSY
55 Studsvik SUDKY
56 Svenkst Stal AB-SSAB SSAAY
57 Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget-SCA SVCBY
58 Svenska Handelsbanken SVNLY
59 Swedbank SWDBY
60 Swedish Match SWMAY
61 Tele2 TLTZY
62 Telia Company TLSNY
63 Thule Group THUPY
64 Vitrolife VTRLY
65 Volvo VLVLY
66 Wihlborgs Fastigheter WIHLY

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