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Credit Acceptance Corp: Excellent Operators And Allocators – Great Compounder

Credit Acceptance Corp has proven to be disciplined loan underwriters, a prerequisite for good long-term performance. Has a clear and rational strategy for allocating capital. Owner-operated, meaning management has the same skin in the game as outside shareholders. Their business model sets them apart, and might turn out to be countercyclical in a recession. However, the industry is competitive and

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Comcast: A Recession “Proof” Compounder

Introduction and summary: Comcast (tickercode: CMCSA) is the world’s second biggest telecom company and headquartered in Philadelphia, USA. The company was founded by Ralph Roberts in 1963 and has largely grown via M&A. I’m long Comcast since late summer 2018 and consider this a long-term holding that will compound for years to come. My main reason for buying was twofold:

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Constellation Software – Takeaways From Mark Leonard’s Shareholder Letters

This article contains a brief description of Constellation Software, some thoughts on its competitive advantages and excerpts from Mark Leonard’s excellent shareholder letters. The excerpts are quite long, about 5 000 words, and I recommend going to the source to read all letters. This article has only small samples of Leonard’s wisdom. Mark Leonard: Mark Leonard, an Englishman and former

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