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Why I’m Long Gjensidige – The Norwegian Insurer

Gjensidige, for non-native speakers an unpronounceable name, is a quality Norwegian insurer. I’ve been long since the IPO in 2010, and below I briefly bring forward some arguments why I still own the stock (and why intend keeping it). Historical performance – boring  is good: Gjensidige has delivered significant alpha since the IPO in late 2010: CAGR of 18%. What

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Why The Nordic Stock Markets Have Outperformed The Global Markets

The Nordic/Scandinavian region gets lots of coverage for their welfare models and statistical happiness, but perhaps lesser known is that its stock markets have performed really well over the last 50 years. I define the Nordics as Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland (Scandinavia is Norway, Sweden and Denmark). The languages are related and easy to understand between each other,

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