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Some Thoughts On The Crowdfunding Platform Estateguru

Introduction and summary: I have invested in Estateguru since 2016 and this article shares my thoughts and experiences as a lender/investor. In a previous post I expressed my concerns over crowdfunding and the inherent risks associated with the platforms. Before you continue reading I would recommend reading the article to get a better understanding of why I believe crowdfunding might

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Should You Invest In Stocks Or Real Estate (Or Both)?

Most people invest in real estate, perhaps quite logically since this is a very easy business model to understand. Equity (stocks) is perceived as more risky and thus less desirable as an investment.  The aim of this article is to give some pros and cons with both asset classes (I’m considering direct investments – not mutual funds). There is no

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Stocks, Investing, Real Estate, Charlie Munger And Inverse Thinking

Charlie Munger likes to think inversely. Inverse thinking simply means focusing on the things you don’t want to happen. Munger didn’t invent this concept, but he has made it immensely popular. While Munger turns the question on its head, he touches upon a very important aspect: how to avoid mistakes. Why does inverse thinking help? Munger says inverse thinking avoids

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