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Does Valuation Matter? Less Than You Think If You Buy Quality Stocks

Summary: S&P has an estimated P/E of 23 for 2020. Rich valuations sometimes make the best companies’ share price languish. Low interest rates justifies high valuations. Indexers might suffer more from high valuations than active investors. How important are growth and valuations? I look at theoretical returns under different valuations and growth. It turns out Warren Buffett is right: It’s

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Interview: Short-Term Trading Is A Zero-Sum Game, Investing Is Not

This week I was interviewed about my trading philosophy. In the interview I mentioned how difficult it is to make money daytrading or swingtrading for short-term profits. This is mainly a zero-sum game, I will even say it has negative expectancy due to commissions and slippage. Opposite, long-term investing has a positive expected return, given a diversified portfolio, as long

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