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Famous Quotes By Warren Buffett

I believe Buffet’s annual letters are an invaluable source of investment knowledge. I recently reread all of them, in addition to rereading Lawrence Cunningham’s The Essays Of Warren Buffett – Lessons For Investors And Managers, a book containing excerpts from all the annual letters.  I have read the annual letters a few times, but I keep rereading them  at 2-3

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Stocks, Investing, Real Estate, Charlie Munger And Inverse Thinking

Charlie Munger likes to think inversely. Inverse thinking simply means focusing on the things you don’t want to happen. Munger didn’t invent this concept, but he has made it immensely popular. While Munger turns the question on its head, he touches upon a very important aspect: how to avoid mistakes. Why does inverse thinking help? Munger says inverse thinking avoids

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