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Dividend Investing: Don’t Be Fooled By Your Dividend Bias – Marginal Rate Of Return/Incremental Return

This article covers these topics: Why dividend investing is not necessarily the most efficient way to compound capital. Dividends are paid out of book value, but usually reinvested above book value. Why accept to receive a dividend at book value when you can for example sell shares at two times book value? Where is the best place for your capital?

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Famous Quotes By Warren Buffett

I believe Buffet’s annual letters are an invaluable source of investment knowledge. I recently reread all of them, in addition to rereading Lawrence Cunningham’s The Essays Of Warren Buffett – Lessons For Investors And Managers, a book containing excerpts from all the annual letters.  I have read the annual letters a few times, but I keep rereading them  at 2-3

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