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Alleghany Corporation: A Boring, But Compounding, “Mini/Baby-Berkshire”

Berkshire Hathaway needs no introduction, but what many investors might not know is the existence of several “Mini-Berkshires” or “Baby-Berkshires”, companies that are much smaller but in many ways similar both in business model and mindset of the management. One of these companies is Alleghany Corporation which is traded on the NYSE and has the single tickercode “Y”. In this

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A Leveraged, Capital Intensive, Competitive and Cyclical Business Is Fragile (Some Thoughts On Fragility Vs. Antifragility)

Fragile – handle with care: Fragile is defined as an object easily broken or damaged. When you order something online that is fragile it most likely is labelled as “handle with care”. The reason is pretty obvious: it can’t sustain shocks, knocks, beating or being dropped to the ground.  It easily breaks apart. The opposite is antifragile: Antifragile – do

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Famous Quotes By Warren Buffett

I believe Buffet’s annual letters are an invaluable source of investment knowledge. I recently reread all of them, in addition to rereading Lawrence Cunningham’s The Essays Of Warren Buffett – Lessons For Investors And Managers, a book containing excerpts from all the annual letters.  I have read the annual letters a few times, but I keep rereading them  at 2-3

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