The Family Business Portfolio

Last Updated on January 24, 2021 by Oddmund Groette

Before you continue reading we emphasize that the portfolio below is no recommendation to buy or sell the mentioned securities. We’re no investment advisors. Please do your own due diligence.

Below you find our picks for a family business portfolio – companies controlled or owned by insiders or a family, or people who have real skin in the game. These owners have a real passion for their business and are not afraid of working outside normal office hours – they are not working for the paycheck.

Why invest alongside family-owners who have skin in the game?

If you intend to hold investments for a long time, an assessment of you are doing business with is probably the most important decision of all. Judging the owners can be just as important as judging the managers.

The average tenure for a CEO is five years. What do you think drives their thinking? Are they thinking decades or years? When they go to sleep at night, are they most likely to think about their compensation or which direction their company is heading in the next decades? Most likely they think about the former. Opposite, an owner with real skin in the game thinks in decades.

To avoid the agent-principal conflict, we believe it makes sense for outside investors to invest alongside successful families. A lot of empirical evidence points toward outperformance for this group among public companies.  You can read more in this article:

The goal of the portfolio:

The goal of the portfolio is fourfold:

  1. To construct a portfolio where the interests of the management are aligned with outside investors.
  2. Companies are financed relatively conservatively and thus less fragile.
  3. To get a return equal to or better than the main indices.
  4. To have a very low portfolio turnover, probably just a few deletions/additions per year, if any at all.

Portfolio updates are done at the month’s end and included in the monthly newsletter which is sent out at the beginning of every month. To get both analysis and portfolio changes please register your e-mail in the upper right corner of the website. You can later unsubscribe if you wish.

This is a very long-term portfolio: decades. On 31st of December, the portfolio is rebalanced back to equal weighting. Any dividends are reinvested in the same stock. Currency movements are ignored as it depends on your place of residence, wherever that may be.

The portfolio:

Here is a list of the companies included in the portfolio (start of the portfolio was 1st of September 2020):

Below you find our reasoning for including the stock in the portfolio:


Disclosure: We’re long Alleghany, Berkshire, Comcast, Facebook, Investor AB, Kone, Lukoil, Philip Morris, Samsung and WR Berkley.

We’re not financial advisors. Please do your own due diligence and investment research or consult a financial professional. All articles are our opinion – they are not suggestions to buy or sell any securities.