Month: September 2020

Is Your Broker Safe?

In Street Name Your capital is at risk when you are investing in equity markets, but I assume very few consider the broker as a potential risk. But the fact is that your capital might be at risk if the broker goes bankrupt. Not only your cash deposit, but also your shareholdings. How is this possible? I believe most investors

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Some Thoughts On The Crowdfunding Platform Estateguru

Introduction and summary: I have invested in Estateguru since 2016 and this article shares my thoughts and experiences as a lender/investor. In a previous post I expressed my concerns over crowdfunding and the inherent risks associated with the platforms. Before you continue reading I would recommend reading the article to get a better understanding of why I believe crowdfunding might

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The “Skin In The Game” Portfolio

Before you continue reading I  want to emphasize that the portfolio below is no recommendation to buy or sell the mentioned securities. I’m no investment advisor. Please do your own due diligence. (Two other portfolios are in the pipeline: The international dividend portfolio and the “compounding” portfolio.) Below you find my picks for a “skin in the game” portfolio, companies

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